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To contact me, send your messages to :


Useless to click on the address in blue, that will not work.

Certain web sites misuse the possibility of recovering email addresses of people arriving on their web site by chance, for then bombarding them of nondesired mails. Under these conditions, it is better if email address of the account used is not known of the navigator.

Even if this web site is multilingual, I do not speak usually as many languages as the software of translation I used.
Please thus write your messages in French (it is the best), or failing this, in English deprived of American slang.

These e-mails will be recovered in general during the day when I am at home, that is approximately 42 weeks by year.
From October to May, e-mails sent during school holidays C zone (in France) will be processed only at the end of those that is maximum 2 weeks afterwards.
In July and August, one week absences are also to envisage.

Have a good use of Libremail while waiting!