This site described and provides the source files of a series of applications of electronic mail developed by Bernard Chardonneau (France).

In what follows, we will understand by "source files" the principal source files (.c suffix) as well as the associated files of inclusion (.h suffix).
We will understand by "data files" the files diffused in several languages containing the messages generated by the various applications.

You are allowed :

... but also:

However, in the event of modification or of translation of the files, these rights of use will have to be reproduced without change.
The mention of, or the person (s) having carried out the modification or the translation could be added after the mention of the author of the initial file.

The rights defined above and in particular in the preceding paragraph (in green) involve:

You can also translate in new languages or propose improvements with the translations carried out by the author of Libremail for:

However, it is recommended to contact the author as a preliminary in order to avoid working on bad files.

In addition, it is the French version of the rights of use which will be regarded as valid in the event of differences noted in certain translated versions.

In order to encourage the study and the development of free software rather than the simple use of products ready to be used, it is recommended to diffuse the source files of this series of applications (file makefile included), and not the only achievable files rising from their compilation.

However, if this series of applications were to be integrated in GNU/Linux distributions directly usable after installation, the copy achievable precompiled these applications is acceptable if the source files are also recopied at the time of the installation in a directly readable form (thus not compressed) in a directory easy to find by the end-user.
This copy of the sources could be avoided only if the user made this choice during the installation.