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Welcome to this web site.

Data processing specialist, that's a long time I write myself the majority of the software I need.

This web site is intended to present to you the whole part of applications of electronic mail I developed.

These softwares functions under GNU/Linux and should normaly run without any modification under the other UNIX systems.
On the other hand, I did not consider it useful (and a fortiori priority) to adapt these applications to make them run also under Windows.

You will find on this web site:

At the beginning, after having written and commented my source files in French, I thought of limiting me to this language for their diffusion. That would have already been a positive point compared to the excess of domination of the language of Bill Gates that it is tied more to the influence of a country than to linguistic qualities that would justify to choose it as an international language.

However, there is no objective reason to do with the French language what others do with the English one&npsp;: trying to impose it as the language of the world.
So, for a better diffusion to non French-speakers, I decided to use machine translation software to carry out a multilingual version.

In all way, the readers of this web site will be able to contribute to work of translation in the language of their choice.

Warnings: The Libremail software e-mail suite does not have any relationship with the service lodging e-mails accounts libremail.net of libreasso.
Let see these websites to know some more.

Another Web site appeared in 2005 used the name Libremail to propose a commercial antispam, which involved a confusion with the free tools for filtering of this site. The owner of the competitor Web site however agreed to change the name of his product.