Encoding of the password

To use passwords encoded in the files of configuration, one will do in the following way:

  1. Modify the include file clecrypt.h by replacing the values 0x00 which it contains by others of its choice:
    (between 0x01 and 0x1F or 1 and 31 in decimal classification).

  2. Remove if required the comment of the line :
    #include "clecrypt.h"  in the file   pop.c  .

  3. Recompile tools using the key of encoding:
        make clecrypt

  4. Only if Libremail was installed with the other commands of the operating system, update this installation :
        make install

Lastly, one will launch the command cryptepass with all the files of configuration which one wants to crypt the password (those whose 3rd line starts with %pass ).

Notice about the safety of encoding:

It acts of a simple and reversible encoding. To guarantee the confidentiality of the crypted passwords, it is recommended not to keep the file clecrypt.h and achievable cryptepass on the machine (and a fortiori on the account user) which contains the configuration file with the crypted password.

For this reason the command make install does not recopy the command cryptepass with the other commands of Libremail.

Nevertheless, without decoding the password, there will remain possible with a third person to reach the mails if she recovers at the same time the file of configuration and the commands described in chapters 2 and 4 of this documentation.

Despite everything, if the same password is used for the management of a Web site and for associated account email, this encoding will make the password less visible. The command cryptepass of Libremail or how it works, must be knowned to decrypt the password.

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