The file trad-libremail

The file trad-libremail is a file that allows to interface the command vmailfic with a command-line machine translation software.

The main lines of this file have the following structure :
The left part information starts by a letter in first column. If the language name or the translation description uses several words, the _ has to be used to replace spaces.

We can separate the left and right parts of the line by as much spaces or tabs as necessary so that the file trad-libremail has a good-looking visual appearance.

Some translation machine softwares can need a particular charset to work well. For example Apertium is foreseen to work with the charset UTF-8.

It is possible to indicate this restriction in the file trad-libremail the following way :
The file trad-libremail can include blank lines and comments. Every lines not starting by a letter in column 1 or by #! are considered as comments.


This example of file allows to translate the mails written in different languages to French using the free software Apertium.

    English_via_Spanish    apertium en-es | apertium es-fr
    direct_English         apertium en-fr
    English_to_Spanish     apertium en-es

    Spanish                apertium es-fr

    Catalan                apertium ca-fr

    Esperanto              apertium eo-fr

    Portuguese_via_Spanish apertium pt-es | apertium es-fr
    Portuguese_direct      apertium pt-fr

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