# This file contains the fixed part of the message that the
# command suphtm sends to the shippers mails received in
# pure HTML, to inform them that a recipient did not receive
# this mail.
# It is one of the components of the application suphtm
# (filtering of the electronic mail).
# Users's rights specified for the source files of Libremail
# apply to this data file.
# In addition, any freedom is left to the users to modify
# the contents of the text which follows line !MESSAGE


SUJET   "Your message of"
ANNONCE "You sent to me a mail having the following characteristics:"

This message was in pure HTML.
However, this format is not the standard format for Emails
(at most that which the firm micro$oft would try to impose).
Moreover, the quasi totality of the current messages in pure HTML
are not requested advertising messages.

For this reason, this kind of mail is destroyed automatically
before any remote loading.

If you have valid reasons to continue to use this format,
please contact the recipient of your message:
telephone: 0x xx xx xx xx or by email in text mode.


The author of this automatic answer declines by advance any
responsibility when with the consequences for you or your
shelterer of this filtering in the following cases:

1) If this answer is interpreted by your tools like one
   acceptance of your mailing.
2) If you continue to send those mails for nothing, in spite
   of this warning.
3) If you chose to use a false address email, that prevents
   to inform you.
4) If the ignorance of the English language does not allow you
   to interpret this answer correctly.